ERMA Hygiene

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ERMA Checklist For Daily Use

  1. Check your surefire daily activities email

    • Make sure names are spelled right 

    • Make follow up calls and enter notes/schedule additional activities

  2. Login to ERMA to update realtors

    • Make sure realtors on your deals have the right information and the right picture

    • Check that the right realtors are on each loan - if not it has to be corrected in architect.


What To Do For The "Extra Effort"

  1. Do Some Analytics Work

    • Look at email reporting - which emails are working, which ones aren't

    • Look through a sample email's bounce list - give your customers a call if you have the wrong email

  2. See If You Can Improve Scenarios

    • Do an advanced search to see if you can find people who could benefit from a better rate or a better program

    • Send an email blast to those people who you think might benefit

  3. Provide Value to Realtor Partners

    • This can be as simple as offering some program flyers by emailing a co-branded pdf of a few of them

    • Get in touch with some recent listing agents - they've seen the videos already, so that's a great conversation starter


Need Help Doing Something On The List?

Automatic ERMA Communication

Before The Loan

Prequal Campaign

Emails Over a 180 Day Period

When a borrower is put into MB with a prequal date and a credit score over 550.






Credit Repair Campaign 

Emails over a 3 Month Period

When a borrower is put into MB with a prequal date and a credit score between 550 and 619.





During The Loan

In Process Campaign - Seven Status Updates Throughout the Process

When an application date is entered on any borrower.





Before The Loan

Post Close Campaign

Starts within a week or two of a loan that was closed with Equity Resources







Turnkey Emails

Goes out to clients with an email address approximately once a month.  Clients are past and current customers who have closed a loan or at least have an application date.