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Go shopping by clicking on the marketing item you want below.  Each one of these will include options and an order form, to make it that easy.

Customized for any open house. Allow at least a day for marketing to prepare.

Custom business cards ready when you need them.

Pens, note cards, mints, umbrellas - this is your one stop shop for ERI promotional materials.

High quality cards you can use for your handwritten thank you cards.

New Wave Binder


1st Realtor Meeting?
Make sure you flip through your custom New Wave Binder!

Click for a sample!

Cant find yours? Request it here



Newsletter for your real estate partners, showing them what a difference our services can make.

We have a lot of social media images available. We can also auto post to your site!

Equity Resources 'Improving the lives of families' T-shirts! 
Different colors and styles available.


'Protect your money when buying a home from wire fraud schemes' Cards 5.5x8.5 Size

Tri Fold Brochures in a number of designs that can be handed out to customers and from your realtors.

Choose one of these reconnect letters to tell your past clients about your move to Equity.

Equity logo shirts and jackets.  There's a few steps to this one.

These yard signs can really help your realtor sell homes through the power of our creative mortgage solutions.


Our monthly newsletter.  Click here to add a personal story or add older clients to your mailing list.

Send a one year magazine subscription to your clients or prospects. Click on picture for more details. Cost is $18.00 each

Tell potential business partners who we are and what working with you can bring to the table.

Customized presentations to help you present to realtor partners, or at conferences.

Prospective Buyer Guide


Email marketing to have this sent to you with your information on it!

Closing signs.jpg

Two sided sign. 'I Bought' on one side and 'We Bought' on the other! Great to take for new home buyer pictures at closing!


Co-branded Newsletter with 
your Realtor,
6 times a years!

Marketing also offers:

Custom Ads (digital or printed)

Send the marketing team an email if you're interested in any of those additional options.

Hundreds of flyers are ready to download for free through ERMA.