Top Producers Time Blocking







Set 2 goals for the week and call realtors (current & prospect)

Call 10 PCs, call pending customers, call prequals

Coffee/lunch with a realtor

Call 10 PCs, call pending customer, call prequals

Have team meeting via phone, call your realtors

Be Available

GOAL: One TRID Meeting Per Week

Equity's Way


You Keep In Touch


You get more referrals from past clients than refinances


Your past clients can refer you more the realtors...if you make them a "raving fan"


Do you realize how many people are moving that purchased a home 3-4-5 years ago?

a. Why?

b. Customers' needs are changing


Past clients want to help!

Social Media Page Sign Up

Click the button below to go to our form and sign up for the new social media program.  In this step we'll be setting up your accounts for you.

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  • Twitter Social Icon
  • Google+ Social Icon
  • YouTube Social  Icon
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  • Instagram Social Icon

Social Media Icons on your Profile


  1. Go to ERMA, and click My Account at the top of the page.

  2. Click My Profile

  3. Click Edit Profile

  4. Scroll to the bottom and paste a link to your social media pages beside the entry for each one.

  5. Click Submit.

TRID Considerations

  • Trid rules with applications 10/3 not closings 10/3

  • Beginning with applications taken on and after 10/3 the new Loan Estimate will be going to borrowers!

  • You will be able to increase your lender credit but never decrease your lender credit

  • You will need a signed “letter of intent” disclosure before you can order the appraisal--- yet you can’t send the “letter of intent” until you send your LE (we will send them both together)

  • You must send the final LE 1 day prior to the CD

  • The CD must be signed by both parties (very sticky here- we will explain more) 3 days before closing

  • Once the CD is sent you can not send out a revised LE (some fees have zero tolerance- we will explain more)

  • Some companies will only do 45 day closings- if you want to do a 30 day closing your customer and realtor has to be “educated” 


So…Have you met with all your Realtor partners about the changes?

Now is the time for face to face meetings with all of your Realtor partners. Request the slide presentation from the marketing department and get your one on one scheduled today.


The VA Program is the best option for customers today... 

So Always


Have you met with your Realtor partners on the new timeline for loans?

Don't Delay!

Now Is The


If you have not met with your Realtors yet, then you need to be! We were given this additional time, let’s not let this time go wasted!